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    “Totalitarianism itself is a cliché.”
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    In Praise of Privilege

    (Uncertain Things)

    No matter how you slice it: Genes. Family. Society. Privilege is all of them.
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    We're facing the most devastating overdose epidemic in American history. But can we overcome the "great disconnect" between science and stigma in order for ibogaine to help with the solution?
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    Whether this story was real or strictly in his mind, it was good enough to keep telling .
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    The two-state solution is flatlining.
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    How to accept history, tell its stories, and then move past it.
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    He has all the makings of unchecked hubris and tyranny, yet in his mind he remains a martyr.
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    Thinking past the paradox of tolerance.

    Music on moving pictures. Directed and written by AJLA.

    "All your dreams and comparisons... and your motors roar."

    "I don't know what's coming now - and it's freaking me out."

    "You're breaking up - you're stuck where you stand."

    A tribute to our (abortive?) pursuit of happiness and to Pharrell Williams.

    My, as of yet, only song in Hebrew. Of the the unflagging gloom of Jerusalem.


    Lost Amsterdam on YouTube


    Music. Words.

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    Get my album on Bandcamp.

    Album no. 2. Available on Bandcamp.

    artwork: Pavel Postovoit


    Of music and other bad habits (like the pursuit of happiness, for example). Produced at Risotto studios, with my sound-mentor, Shai Saadia. Features the outstanding vocals of anglevoice Elie Schoenfeld, heart-wringer Nadia Schleicher and mind-blaster Noa Zilberman.


    Purchase How About Now

    Album no. 1. Available on Bandcamp.

    artwork: Ken Goshen


    It's a weird, impatient, steam-choked world out there. Features the voices of Duvid Swirsky (Hamoshav Band, Distant Cousins) and Hadara Levin.


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    Strictly instrumental.

    artwork: Ron Prigat


    I still sometimes watch films based on who's the composer.



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    Adaam James Levin - Areddy

    The guy with too many names

    Self-taught pianist, music maker and verbophile.


    He hosts and produces the oft-inebriated podcast UNCERTAIN THINGS.

    After composing scores for film and theater, Adaam James has produced two albums of original indie-rock-ish music. He is currently working on a third with his NY-based band, LOST AMSTERDAM.

    Slyly, his dangerously addictive melodies veer from the delicate to the explosive, his lyrics from the fragile to the acerbic.

    Adaam James completed a Master's in journalism at Columbia University and currently lives in New York and works on the HBO news show Axios.


    He's notably zealous about coffee and irony.


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